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Middle School Catechism

First Lutheran confirms students after three years of catechetical instruction. Middle School Catechism is for any child in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. 

If you have questions about Catechism or Confirmation please contact the church office.

Catechism is a program of education and faith formation that accompanies baptism. When adults convert to Christianity, they prepare for their baptism through mentoring, worshiping, and serving in the church, and through classes about basic Christian doctrine.


When a person is baptized as an infant, they are not able to learn these basics of Christianity before their baptism. Therefore, they are baptized with the understanding and expectation that they will learn and develop as a Christian as they grow into adulthood. These Christians affirm the faith of their baptism in Confirmation.

Catechism Updates

Pastor Catherine Burnette teaches catechism classes on Sunday mornings.

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